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Application Process

  1. Complete Student and Parent Application

  2. Complete Mandatory Educator Recommendation form

  3. Complete Spiritual Leader Recommendation form

  4. Turn in all transcripts from previous schools

  5. Take Entrance Exam. ($20 fee)

  6. Interview with the VCHS Principal

  7. Sign the VCHS Family Agreement

  8. Pay one-time, non-refundable $200 Registration Fee

  9. Pay first month’s tuition ($480)

  10. File for a F1 Visa and I-20 form (for international students)

  11. Student can start classes!

Tuition & Registration.

  • Tuition is due on or before the 10th of each month (August -May)

  • Registration is a $200 one time, non-refundable payment

  • Tuition is $4,800 payable in 10 payments for $480 per month

  • 10% Discount for families with more than one child attending. (Discount only applies to second child)

  • A late fee of $25 occurs when payment is made after 10th of the month



Every year our after-school sports programs depend on the petition of our student body. For more information about try-outs and what current sports are being offered, contact our office.


Curriculum & Instruction

School Hours:
Mon- Thurs 8:30am- 3:10pm

Friday 8:30am - 2:00pm

VCHS does NOT require their students to wear uniforms. Families are in charge of making sure their child’s clothing is school-appropriate. Students may be asked to change if clothing does not meet administration’s standards of modesty.


Freshman courses include: Bible, English, Algebra, U.S. Government, Health, Art, Physical Education, Speech, Foreign Language

Sophomore courses include: Bible, English, Geometry, World History, Biology, Physical Education, Art, Geography, Foreign Language

Junior courses include: Bible, English, Algebra II, U.S. History, Chemistry, SAT Prep, Foreign Language

Senior courses include: Bible, British Literature, College Algebra, U.S. History, Physics, Psychology, Economics, Foreign Language

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment courses are offered to our senior students at VCHS in conjunction with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) and Texas Southmost College (TSC). Students must meet all requirements in order to enroll in these classes. These courses give the student a unique opportunity to get a head start on their college career while at the same time fulfilling their high school requirements.

Senior Dual Enrollment courses may include: Calculus, College Algebra, Psychology, or Computer Science


Valley Christian High School is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International.

Student Life


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VCHS students participate in weekly chapels that encourage them to grow spiritually and prepare them to make a difference in their communities.


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Student Council has the opportunity every year to come up with exciting activities for the student body to participate in. These elected officials work with the school administration to create their events. There are so many fun activities that are student led including concerts, talent shows, races, pep-rallies, class competitions, and dress up days.


Big Red's Ranch.JPG

Big Red’s Ranch is a camp and ministry to the families of the Rio Grande Valley. Our students have the opportunity to attend a Fall Retreat at the Ranch to help them make connections with their classmates and grow spiritually. There are also opportunities for students to volunteer at the Ranch in the summer during the Summer Camps.


Mo Ranch is our annual 4 day trip to the Texas Hill Country where the students are given the opportunity to attend chapels, spend time in the great outdoors, and develop relationships with their classmates that will last a lifetime. It is one of the highlights of every year.



Each year the students in the senior class pick a place in the world they would like to travel to together. They achieve their travel goals by learning lessons in teamwork as they raise money as a group and as they organize the trip together. Our students have been all over the world & the trips are unforgettable. Some past trips include: Rome, London, Paris, Dublin, Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver.